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We do not buy books.


Trade Credit works like a discount program. Books brought in are assigned a price which is approximately half of the cover price. You receive store credit equal to half of the price we assign. 


The credit is then applied to your purchases: 10% off new books, 50% off used books. You will always pay something.  


Please limit yourself to two boxes per visit unless you’ve made an appointment.


What We Take:

We are looking for gently used books.

This means:

  • No Magazines

  • No water damage

  • No torn or grimy covers or missing dust jackets

  • No smelly or hairy books.


How We Decide What To Take:

Books are checked against sale history and current inventory. Also under the discretion of our staff. If we don’t have the readership for a book, we won’t take it in.


Some of your books don’t make the cut?

Those books will be returned to you after we have had a chance to sort them. We ask that you  remain in the shop while we work on this. Typically, this is a pretty quick process. Your cooperation helps us to keep our shelves well curated and our shop clean.


Store Credit cannot be used on rare books. 


Questions?  Please free to contact us!

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