We are a full-service bookstore featuring new Books (fiction and non-fiction), Children's Books, Unique Gifts, Cards & Local Authors.  Burrowing Owl has become a downtown destination for book lovers of all ages, and the only full-service bookstore in Canyon, TX.  We pride ourselves on our customer service, friendliness, and the quality of products offered in the store.  Stop by for a visit!

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"Once upon a time...." ~Brothers Grimm




Why Burrowing Owl? On the trip into town each morning to take the kids to school, we pass a quarter section of land with a Burrowing Owl frequently perched on a fence post. As we considered opening a book store, we were struck by the name. Owls, of course, are known for wisdom. There is no better place to expand knowledge and wisdom than between the covers of a book. We wanted a name that would reflect the local flavor of our land and community. So, if you are looking for a good book to burrow into, come by and see us. We have a few!

Burrow (verb): To Delve or Dig Into.